VG Siddhartha’s death and significance of mental well-being and health amongst entrepreneurs.

No doubt, most have realised the value of good mental health especially entrepreneurs. The suicide of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) owner VG Siddhartha made us realise the immense pressure and the significance of mental well-being and health amongst entrepreneurs. Dr Prakriti Poddar, an expert in Mental Health, HR, Corporate and Education Upliftment, Managing Trustee of […]

Customer communities: the next-generation customer service model.


Understanding human behaviour is the crux of creating engaging customer service strategies. This is especially true considering the plethora of business-customer interactions along and across marketing, sales, or service. Everyone knows that human beings are social animals, so why not leverage this common knowledge in the next-customer service model, wherein companies dedicate best practices towards […]

From hesitancy to expectancy: A perspective on how client expectations have transitioned.


Fueled by digital disruption, clients in the digital marketing realm in particular have undergone transitions in terms of their expectations and requirements during the past two decades. This resulted in new dynamics as marketing and design service providers had to alter their strategies shifting from persuasion to on-demand delivery. Those who leveraged such opportunities went […]