Is switching careers a good idea ?

Switching careers is good only in certain situations and if its to be done then the timing has to be just right. To be sure, that your decision is right check the following points.

1. Are you clear and sure of the new career option ?
This is crucial, because just to switch mostly one jumps to the first next option available. This option may turn out to be a disaster. So dig in and find out what really interests you and only the start looking.

2. Are you financially ready to start a new career ?
When you switch careers one may get much lesser salary than what he/she were drawing in their last job because a new career means new skill set and hence one may have to begin from a junior position which would pay lesser.

3. Any major plans in the coming months ?
If you have some major plans, prepare your mind to either shift them to later or dump them completely. New careers usually demand more than your 100% and you would be short of bandwidth to execute your major plans

4. Is your health fine to be able to handle new challenges ?
You need to be very sure of your health both physical and mental to understand if the risk is worth it. If you are having some ailment that may get aggravated due to new stress levels than there are higher risks.

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